About Blue and Gold

Blue and Gold is an organization which aims to provide information to people who aspires to build their own sports stadium in the future. We are dedicated to making it easier for you to accomplish your goal with as little disruption as possible.

Providing Regular Updates

About Blue and Gold Providing Regular Updates - About Blue and Gold

Since we are responsible for the dissemination of factual information regarding regulatory and other requirements, we will make sure that everything here is up to date. We can accomplish this by keeping an eye on the latest updates with regards to building a sports stadium.

Attending Conferences

About Blue and Gold Attending Conferences - About Blue and Gold

Usually, crucial updates are first released at conferences. And since our group consists of people who are in the industry, we will regularly attend these conferences. We believe that these events will not just further our knowledge but it can also be of help to you.

The People Behind Blue and Gold

As stated earlier, we are a group of people who is also a part of the industry. We believe that with our help, rookies like you would avoid making avoidable mistakes. And since we’ve been inside your shoes, we know how hard it can be to build a sports stadium on your own for the first time.

We encourage everyone to see us as a guide. If you’re wondering why we are doing this, it is because if we had the chance, we would love to have someone mentor us. It may not eliminate the chances of getting some things wrong, but at least it would help minimize such mistakes and produce a better outcome.

Please browse through our page and feel free to send us questions and clarifications in case you stumble upon some. Welcome to Blue and Gold and we hope that you enjoy the services that we provide.